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About Bob Harris

A look at the man behind Attrition Busters

Bob Harris has been successfully saving customers from cancelling for over thirty-years. Today many service industries face a litany of destructive customer retention and sales issues resulting from poor service, low price mentality and a lack of compelling education for employees that helps them make customers stick like glue.

Far too often these days, management invests absolutely nothing in sales and customer service education to stimulate organizational enthusiasm and effectiveness in differentiating their team from everybody else in the same industry selling the same products and providing the same services. Without this kind of engaging education, many service providers are left with little choice other than to compete on exceedingly low margins. Low price is one thing when you're comparing the exact same tee-shirt or jar of apple sauce but its not so great when we're talking about an ongoing service that protects life and property! Are you and your employees capable of more?

Having come up through the ranks of field technician to executive level management and company ownership, Bob Harris shares his real life experiences in a unique way that engages and captivates owners and employees alike. Rather than dealing with syrupy generics, Bob shares compelling specifics your entire team will instantly understand and immediately employ to make more of the sales they should have made and save more customers they could have saved!

The critical steps to success Bob used so very effectively in his career are communicated in every high energy session and workshop he conducts. Bob's masterful ability to "shop your company" before he comes out helps uncover both strengths and weaknesses in a tactical approach to dial right in on specific ways to grow your business more effectively and stimulate your employees with tools that actually last. This exclusive interactive education makes life better for you, your managers and for employees. By investing in them, you help your entire team and your business thrive.

Ask any of your colleagues who have had Bob out to work with them or their team or who have seen him speak at an industry event. They will tell you any investment in Attrition Busters education and consulting pays you back continuously and with lasting results. There is no other industry consultant who has walked the walk the way Bob has and who knows exactly how to empower your team, as good as they may already be, to become even better at delivering the kind of value your customers and prospects won't be able to shake out of their head.

Bob Harris