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What We Do

Seminars and Workshops

All seminars and workshops are tailored to your specific company, industry, and issues. In most cases we will conduct our programs in your offices and on your schedule!

Whether your team has thirty-minutes or thirty-years of industry experience, any Attrition Busters program will absolutely boost everyone's ability to stomp out many fires that happen in your business before they ever get started.

After even just one Attrition Busters program, your entire team will be able to immediately:
Employ several new and powerfully effective ways to defuse angry customers and save more who want to cancel.
Possess the ability to create a categorized list of various customer complaints and effective responses to collaborate on with others and continuously improve upon.
Be able to describe a minimum of three (3) new ways to deliver added value without lowering price.

Attrition Busters is available for our blockbuster keynote presentations on all topics as well. Add a powerful response booster to your next breakout, product, or technology showcase! Bringing Attrition Busters in to speak at these events will generate large numbers of engaged enthusiastic attendees and provide you with an opportunity to "capture an audience" while showcasing a new product or service!

From Satisfied to Delighted

Shock and Awe Retention


Save Our Subscribers

Nurturing Relationships

Differentiation and The Art of Long Term Loyalty

Personality and Empathy

On the Phone & In Person

In The Mirror

Taking an Honest Look at Your Service

When You Can't Say Yes

Options and Alternatives

Wrinkled Foreheads

Stress Management, Lethargy, Passion & Company Morale

Staying on Top of It

Continuous Momentum for Ongoing Improvement

Creating Value Propositions That Sizzle!

Stirring The Pot In Sales

Leaving Money On The Table

Creating Your Own Economy


We ARE The Competition

Role Play Workshops

Save More Customer Cancellations

Business Consulting

Bring Attrition Busters in to work with owners, managers, and every employee in the organization. Attrition Busters will help you identify and troubleshoot your toughest business challenges with solutions designed for your specific situation. Stir the pot with your team to hand them compelling tools that will stimulate and engage them to get in the game and bring it! Educate your team and empower them to knock the socks off of your customers and make them stick like glue, regardless of low price competitors. Help your team create value that sizzles!

Rolling up sleeves to jump into the front line trenches with your retention, sales, customer service, management and field tech team for some hands on departmental or one on one mentoring, observation and assistance.

Ownership and management consulting on the best ways to restore organizational enthusiasm, growth, increase retention and identify more profitable business.

Sit down with ownership to discuss observations, strategic growth, and ways to keep the momentum moving forward for the long term.

Troubleshooting to identify problems, solutions, critical skills issues, and a host of business challenges to improve the company's bottom line.


Bob Harris is available for one-on-one or departmental mentoring sessions. Typically, these are either accomplished in person or during scheduled telephone conferences. Ask about our mentoring programs specifically crafted for every area and any employee in your organization. Mentoring programs include: sales, saving cancellations, collections, customer relations, strategic growth, and diffusing angry customers. Many additional mentoring opportunities are available.

Bob Harris